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Scroll down for some information on what to expect with the process from start to finish. I will go over pricing figures, lead times, revision info, and other important stuff you should know about prior to contacting me.

Please, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!


I offer a ton of different design services and can package multiple together to best suit your needs. Bundling will save you money like car insurance companies say, I'm just a little less annoying about it.

Some of the most popular services I offer are: 
  • Logo / Branding

  • Illustrated Art

  • Apparel Design

  • Print and Digital Ad Campaigns

  • Website Graphics

  • Social Branding Packages

  • Digital Painting.


Most projects are complete in 1-2 weeks max depending on the amount of work needed to complete the project. I design as a side-job so all work that is completed is as-time-permits only. However, if there is a rush on your needs, I can accommodate quicker deadlines at cost of revision opportunities and at times a rush fee depending on severity.


Some lead times to expect for services are:
  • Logos - 1-2 weeks with minimal direction.

  • Logos - 3-5 days with moderate to precise direction.

  • Basic Apparel Design - 4-7 days

  • Illustrated Apparel Design - 1-3 weeks (many variables)

  • Ad campaigns - 1-2 weeks (depends on photography needs)


Just a few simple steps!


  • Planning: At the beginning of this process, we will curate the project and ensure we are both on the same page about what the final product should look like and stuff.

  • Deposit/Prep: Now we have a direction to head in and I need a non-refundable deposit of $100 to begin the design work to cover my time up to this point in the process. This also comes off the final price, so don't worry! I will prep the design and set up photography if needed (local WI only)

  • Design: During this time, I design your stuff, duh. I will send you updates to ensure we are on the same page.

  • Payment: Once the design is done, I will require full payment prior to sending the final files. (Any content sent prior to this payment is processed is my property and subject to copyright)

  • Delivery: After the payment is received, I will then send your final files in all variations needed (and maybe some you don't) to your email. 


Here are some basic starting points on what typical projects cost at the bare minimum. These prices are obviously rule-of-thumb and are completely up to your individual needs.

  • Hourly Design Rate: $100

  • Hourly Photography/Edit Rate: $40

  • Logos: $350

  • Brand Guidebook: $500 (for existng branding)

  • Printed Goods: $200 (biz cards, flyers, posters, etc)

  • 1/4 Page Print Ad: $175

  • 1/2 Page Print Ad: $200

  • Full Page Print Ad: $280

  • Email Signature: $80

  • Leterhead: $100

  • Simple Shirt Design: $250

  • Illustrated Shirt Design: $400

  • Social Branding Package: $350-500+

  • Facebook/IG ads (3): $250

  • Social Feed (20 posts/mo): $500/mo

  • Stationary Package: $500

  • Brand Identity Packages: $1000 (includes: Logo Design, Stationary Package, and Social Branding Package)

Feel free to click here to look at this guide to see rough estimates of some services.. (I do not offer all services in this list.)


Sometimes you just don't quite love the outcome of what we worked on. That's okay, let's talk about what happens next.


If the design has shifted from your original vision on my part, you can have one minor revision to get that design back to par. 


Alternatively, if the design scope changes from the initial planning, you will accrue additional fees to re-plan or adjust your project.

Small things like Color changes, font changes, etc are not a big deal but full re-illustrations are more of an inconvenience to change towards the end of the project.

Transparency during planning is essential to success.

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