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Due to my limited availability for tattooing, I will be very selective about what I will be taking on for projects. Therefore, I am looking for highly motivated clients looking for unique, one-off pieces. 

A few things I am not looking to work on are; tribal pieces, overly wordy designs, exact replicas of tattoos found online, cover-ups, etc...

HOURLY RATES: $125/hr Color - $150/hr Black & Grey - $260/hr for Blackouts


I have a wide variety of art styles I like to practice. My all time favorite styles of tattoos are bright new school color tattoos and black and grey realism and horror pieces. 

I will absolutely stray from these styles but I have a main focus on high texture designs for black and grey, and high saturation color tattoos. 


First step is to decide where you want to get tattooed, this may sound very obvious, but it is a big deal. Depending on where you are getting tattooed, the size of your desired location (and yourself) & the type of skin in the chosen area plays a major role in prep and procedure. 

Next step is to have a solid plan for concept. This is one of the most important parts. (Obviously, right?) BUT.. You need to be willing to have changes made if needed to better ensure the longevity of your tattoo. My design process is very give/take and if you trust me, you will leave happy.

Third step is to E-Mail me. Send a photo of the area desired to be tattooed, include as many details of what you want as possible. You can include reference photos but please do not expect me to copy any of them. Be very descriptive about what you like from each photo and how you would like them included in your design.  I want to be as inspired by your design as you are.

Then wait for a reply, most of the time this will be within 1-2 days max. I will most likely as you some questions about your design to ensure we are on the same page. Once we both have agreed on a direction, you will be required to place a $100 non-refundable deposit for your appointment. (Deposit terms can be found here) Then I will send you to my Prep / Aftercare page to review my recommendations for appointment prep. 

Last step is to show up and get some art!

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Thanks for submitting your booking inquiry!

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